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ApneaCanarias (Tenerife and Lanzarote) is the first school Miguel Lozano founded with his partner Santiago Jakas. Located in Radazul (Tenerife), ApneaCanarias is one of the most renowned and active freediving centres in Europe, where freedivers of all abilities can train year-round – thanks to excellent depth and climatic conditions. After 8 years of hard work in Tenerife, the family of Apnea Canarias has decided to expand with a new Freediving center in Lanzarote.


Dahab Freedivers (Egypt) is a focal point for freediving in the heart of the freediving mecca that is Dahab. Featuring perfect conditions for deep freediving, freedivers from around the world travel to this small town on the Red Sea, to descend the famous Blue Hole. Miguel’s friends and fellow freediving instructors Stephen Keenan and Pascal Berger are his partners in this adventure.


cómo compensar en apnea
cómo compensar en apnea

Freedive AIR (Indonesia) is the newest centre from Miguel, with partner Santiago Jakas and good friend Julia Mouce who owns Apnea Bali .They have combined their expertise to open a freediving centre in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Gili Islands (Gili Air), just 2hrs by ferry from Bali, are an earthly paradise, where freedivers can train in the island’s warm, clear waters, coral reefs and world class facilities without noise or fumes from motor vehicles.


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