More people have walked on the moon than have gone deeper than 120 meters self propelled, on a single breath.


Miguel Lozano is a professional freediver who specialises in depth disciplines. He took silver medals twice in two of the three depth disciplines (Constant No Fins and Free Immersion) in the AIDA World Depth Championships in Cyprus in 2015.
In 2016 he performed a 122 metres Free Immersion dive at the Caribean Cup Competition in the Roatán (Honduras), an achievement that today ranks him as the second deepest person in the world in this discipline, just 2 metres short of the current world record (-124m).He was also the first Spaniard to reach a depth of 100mts in Constant Weight (CWT) and 76mts in Constant No Fins (CNF).

In 2012 in Bahamas and years later in 2016 in Bali, Miguel Lozano attempted the World Record in Free Immersion diving down to -122 meters in Bahamas and -123 meters in Bali. This year 2016 the battle for the world record between Miguel Lozano and William Trubridge has intensified and both freedivers try to improve their performances. Miguel Lozano will continue in the future to try to beat the current World Record which in hands of New Zealander William Trubridge at -121m.

Miguel Lozano was born in Montgat, Barcelona in 1979, next to the Mediterranean Sea, which heavily influenced his sporting career from a young age. An enthusiastic spearfisher and swimmer, Miguel practiced a variety of marine sports until he had his first experience with freediving – a life-changing event.
1.96 metres in height, 88 kilos weight and with a lung capacity of 10 litres, Miguel possessed natural qualities enabling him to practice freediving at the highest level.This allowed him to quickly adapt to the demanding requirements of the sport and overcome challenges time and again in his freediving practice. To gain experience and perfect his technique, Miguel has dived in seas around the world, from Australia to South Africa, Indonesia to the Caribbean. He has also spent time living in two of the world’s free diving meccas – Dahab in Egypt and Tenerife in the Canary Islands – where he has had the opportunity to train and share experiences with some of freediving’s best-known athletes, such as the world record holder – the Italian Umberto Pelizzari – from whom Miguel has adopted much of his freediving technique and philosophy.

With freediving as his ‘modus vivendi’, Miguel Lozano is a freediving instructor certified by the four main agencies (AIDA / SSI / AA / CMAS), which run global freediving training and organise international freediving events and competitions. Miguel is currently the only AIDA and SSI-certified Instructor Trainer from Spain.
He is also one of the international instructors for Umberto Pelizzari’s school ‘Apnea Academy’.

Henceforth and with a detailed eye on planning, Lozano is focussing all his efforts on continuing to break records and improving his skills and abilities as a freediver. In 2016 and beyond, this Spanish athlete is taking on many new challenges, with a special focus on honing his physical and mental capabilities, and fighting to maintain his position amongst the creme de la creme of such a complex sport.

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Courses and Trips

Miguel Lozano currently combines the training of new students and instructors with his freediving career.

During the training season, Miguel offers courses for beginners and advanced freedivers, training sessions, Instructor Courses, Apnea Stages for all levels and freediving trips around the world for training purposes.
Courses are normally open for reservations a year in advance, and take place during the summer in various locations throughout Spain. (Catalonia, Canarias, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia, Galicia, the Basque Country, Asturias, Cantabria, Aragón and Madrid). Freediving trips are usually organized for winter, to some of the world’s best free diving and marine life sites.

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