Freediving Deep Camp at Y40 (Italy)

6, 7 and 8 April 2018

The objective of the course is to work the FOUR most important parts of a deep dive: technique,deep equalization, adaptation and long dive time. Without this 4 important parts it’s imposible to increase your depth.

On Friday we will work on Equalization from a simple and practical pointof view applying it to the pool with gradual exercises.

Saturday we will work on exhale diving to improve our adaptationto depth in a comfortable way and exercises to increase the dive time and longfreefalls at shallower depth.

We will focus on video-analisisof the technique in the no fins disciplines (FIM & CNF)

Saturday will end withstatic apnea and relaxation exercises in pool.

Sunday we will put all together, technique, long dive time and equalizationon deepest dives to the bottom of the pool in the most confortable way andNo-Limits training.

The idea isto create a solid base at technical, physiological and psychological level forthe first 40 meters of a dive in a controlled environment so you can transferit to your open water training


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