Top tips on shopping for a new TV

Choose the resolution

The higher the number of pixels, the more natural-looking and detailed the image will be. Superior picture quality costs more, but there are plenty of good, better and best options to choose from.
4k TV illustration

2160 pixels

4K/Ultra High Definition (UHD)

Preferred because you can sit closer to the screen and still see a clear, crisp highly detailed image, plus better color and dynamic range.

Full HD TV illustration

1080 pixels

Full High Definition (Full HD)

If you like Blu-ray movies and seeing deep detail, this resolution offers a great viewing experience.

HD TV illustration

720 pixels

High Definition (HD)

Offers quality viewing at a good buy, often available in smaller TVs.

Match the TV to the size of your space

Take into account ideal viewing distance: a minimum of 1.5 times the size of your screen, and a maximum of twice the minimum viewing distance.

Shop by screen size

39" or less TVs

Ideal for a small space, like a dorm room, kitchen or study.

40"-49" TVs

Just right for an average-sized living room or bedroom.

50"-59" TVs

Scaled for luxurious viewing in your large living room or family room.

60"+ TVs

Giant-sized for media rooms, or if you want to be totally immersed in the viewing experience.

Other considerations

Enhance your TV experience

Sound bars

A sound bar acts like a speaker system for your TV, without requiring a home theater setup.

4K Blu-ray players

Get a cinematic experience at home with a player that streams 4K media and plays Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

Streaming devices

A streaming media player can make an older TV act like a smart TV. Choose from devices by Apple, Amazon, Google or Roku.

TV mount finder

Find an efficient, reliable way to mount your TV.